Jenna Haimes

Artist Statement.

I am pursuing the journey of a life-long artist. A life-long learner. A life-long do-er. I intend to take action. To think deeply and productively about my soul and this world. To so devote myself to the characters I play that it becomes a journey of empathy for me. To walk as closely in another’s shoes through my acting that my heart is softened. And in doing so, an audience has access to deeper empathy as well. I intend to serve the play. To put the play and my cast member’s needs before my personal needs. To develop a softer heart and thicker skin. I intend to allow for comedy in everything. To seek comedy through truth. To let joy be the fuel for my engine. I accept struggle. I will to create. And share. 



"What a cool life. We get to make things. And tell stories."



“You are not an artist because someone gives you an opportunity, you are an artist because of the creative life you pursue. And that opportunity is everywhere.”


Bergamask Anyone?


"Come on babe, Why don't we paint the town?"